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Tension Over Japanese Nuclear Plant Explosion

12 Mar

Japanese media has reported that an explosion took place at the earthquake-hit Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear plant which has caused serious injuries to several people. According to the reports smoke was billowing from the reactor. Radioactivity levels is also said to have risen outside the reactor.

According to an official with Japan’s nuclear safety commission, a reactor meltdown remains a possibility at the power plant. People are being evacuated from the area.

Officials said that more than a thousand may have been killed in the 8.9-magnitude earthquake and the subsequent tsunami waves that caused massive destruction on Japan’s northeastern coast. This has been labeled as the fifth most powerful earthquake to strike the world in the past century and Japan’s most severe ever.

Rescue and clean-up works are now being carried out. According to reports, about 600 people have been confirmed killed so far and 200 bodies reportedly found in the devastated northeastern coastal city of Sendai.

The quake set off tsunami warnings for countries across the Pacific and the west coast of the United States and Latin America. However the waves dissipated after crossing the ocean across the ocean and damage to U.S. and Canadian coastal areas was comparatively minor.